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April 5th 2024

  • Translate foreign language comments (in any language) to your local language

  • View full comment threads directly within your comment inbox

  • More filters for your comment inbox

  • Increased context window for brand info

  • Several bug fixes

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March 20th 2024

  • Launched new "Blacklist" feature where any comments that contain a blacklisted keyword/phrase will be automatically hidden

  • Fixed bug where comment status was showing as "Moderation Off"

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March 16th 2024

  • Updated design to include commenter's name

  • Improved design to action buttons

  • View comments that have images/gifs in them

  • "Moderation Off" status for comments on pages where you have moderation switched off

  • Fixed bug where page images disappear after a while

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March 13th 2024

We just launched our AI generated replies feature! Add custom information about your brand and our AI will use this info to craft accurate responses to comments.

We also:

  • Launched a Help Center

  • Launched live chat support during working hours (9-5pm CT)

  • Misc. bug fixes

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